How Can You Spot Bad Cheap SEO Companies?

You have to be cautious while choosing a cheap SEO Toronto agency for your needs, and look for signs of bad services before hiring one.

A large section of customers are using the internet for shopping purposes. Naturally, it is important for businesses to have websites, blogs and online stores rank high on the SERPs. Many SEO service providers have come up, and are offering a wide variety of services – like social media management, social media marketing, link building, content writing and more. As a client who neeads Cheap SEO Toronto services, you have to be cautious about choosing the right SEO agency. Here is how you can spot bad cheap SEO companies.

Promise of too good results, too soon

In case the SEO agency promises results as fast as in 2-3 weeks, and ‘money back’ or a similar type of offer in case such results are not obtained, you have reasons to see a red flag. Keep in mind that these companies tend to use Black Hat SEO methods in order to achieve high rankings too fast. Such techniques might include using fonts of varied colors, too quick submissions in article directories, hidden texts, spam keywords etc. But the results will not last for a long time, and your website is likely to be penalized as a result.

Improper usage of keywords

In any SEO campaign, keywords are an important component. SEO professionals who lack proper skills, experience and knowledge tend to use improper keywords that do not belong to your niche or have very less relevance. Many SEO professionals do not have the expertise to use relevant phrases and keywords in an organic manner, thus reducing the chances of your content being found by visitors. You have to find good Toronto SEO Group having specialists who are experts at finding and placing keywords.

Use of too much linking

As per Google Webmaster Guidelines, there should not be more than hundred links in a single website page. Demand to see a few of the websites that the company has worked on. In case you find SEO specialists using numerous links on the website pages, you can expect the same practice to be used in your case as well. Do not feel that you can have the same benefits as the other websites that the company has worked on. You never know whether these have got penalties or are going to be penalized in the near future. After algorithm updates like Panda and Phantom, Google has come down heavily on websites that use spam practices to achieve higher rankings.